World Autism Awareness MonthBy Brendan J. King      

Families, friends, educational and medical professionals, and members of the community at large, are all uniquely impacted by their own experiences and connections with individuals with autism.  This month means something different to each person.  At EPLO, we approach this month with warm regards for the many families we’ve come to know and with whom have the privilege to work to better secure their loved ones’ legal and financial futures. But this month is also deeply meaningful to us because we have been personally touched within our own families.  This issue is personal for us, and has shaped our approach to professional services in the area of special needs planning.

It is our pleasure to assist anyone in need of our services – whether it’s a phone call, complimentary planning consultation, or just information to help guide your path. 

We take this opportunity to invite anyone looking for more information about planning for their loved one’s future to explore the many resources on our website in the area of special needs planning. Resources that might be of interest to you include:

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