The summer issue of Bridging the Gap, Estate Preservation Law Offices’ newsletter was released last week. With the passage of two new laws in Massachusetts and another at the Federal level, partners Attorney Linda T. Cammuso and Attorney Brendan J. King used the newsletter to clarify the new laws and their practical implications. The laws are addressed in the following articles:

  • Do You Have Homestead Protection?
  • Impact of Federal Estate and Gift Tax Changes
  • Pet Trusts are Now Legal in Massachusetts: Caring For Your Pet After You’ve Passed Away

This issue also features a valuable column for small business owners that answers common questions and concerns they may have as they try to make their way through the maze of tax, liability, and estate planning issues. If you own a small business be sure to read: How Do I Protect My Business, Myself and My Family?

Click here to download the summer issue of Bridging the Gap

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