If you have a pre-tax retirement account such as an IRA or 401(k), you’ll want to read the spring 2013 issue of our newsletter Bridging the Gap.

 EPLO partners Linda Cammuso and Brendan King provide valuable information about pre-tax retirement accounts and the challenges they pose in estate planning, including the best way to name beneficiaries and the pitfalls of leaving accounts directly to heirs – particularly those who are financially vulnerable due to youth, disability or creditor concerns.   

 Additional columns in this enlightening retirement-focused issue include:

  • The Role of Retirement Trusts in Special Needs Planning
  • Spotlight on The Retirement Trust
  • The Attorney’s Role in Retirement Accounts

While discussions about retirement plans typically take place with financial advisors, it is important to involve an estate planning attorney in the process. We invite you to read this informative newsletter to find out why.

 Click here to download the spring issue of Bridging the Gap 

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