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Linda Cammuso

People do recognize the need for long-term care and nursing home planning for others-not for themselves or their loved ones; they simply deny that they could be in such a situation. If you are among those, you should listen to Avoiding Common Long-Term Care/Nursing Home Planning Mistakes that was recently aired on Money Matter Radio.

When it comes to long-term care and nursing home planning, people often make mistakes that are avoidable.  Too often, they assume that they will never be in a situation to need nursing home care, which is one mistake. Another is assuming that Medicare will cover nursing home costs –not true. In this broadcast Attorney Linda Cammuso walks listeners through many of the mistakes people make when it comes to long-term care planning and cautions them not to wait until they are in a crisis situation to plan. Not being aware of the MassHealth/Medicaid financial rules is another issue, followed closely by assuming your estate is too large, or too small, to worry about long-term care planning. Making annual gifts to children and not realizing the implications of the MassHealth five-year look back and not using an attorney who specializes in long-term care planning are also lapses. There’s more, tune into this broadcast and let Attorney Cammuso tell you how to avoid those mistakes

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