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Linda Cammuso

Probate avoidance is a common and appropriate goal for many people during the estate planning process.  While much information abounds about probate, it is important to separate myth from fact. In this series of articles, Estate Preservation Law Offices’ Attorney Linda Cammuso clarifies the probate process for the reader while dispelling misinformation.

In Demystifying Probate, Attorney Cammuso explains what probate is and discusses common perceptions that people have about probate such as – probate taking a long time, being excessively costly and leading to fighting and legal battles among heirs and beneficiaries. She also discusses the unintended consequences that result from misguided efforts to avoid probate.

Demystifying Probate Part II: Avoiding Court, covers the many alternatives available to joint ownership and lifetime gifting. Living trusts have become the preferred technique of estate planning attorneys to help clients avoid probate, manage assets during their lifetimes, achieve optimum tax results, and efficiently distribute assets to (and in some cases, protect for the ongoing benefit of) heirs at death.

Probate myths are covered in Demystifying Probate Part III: Rumors and Reality. Understanding the myths should dispel much of the unwarranted panic about probate, writes Attorney Cammuso, and it should help readers seek the right legal solutions from an estate planning professional.

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