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Brendan King

If you, or anyone you know, have misconceptions about estate planning, be sure to catch 10 Estate Planning Mistakes that People Make that was aired on Money Matters Radio.

If you needed a stent, you would go to a heart specialist rather than to a general practitioner – that would be a mistake. Similarly, when it comes to estate planning you should look for a lawyer who is an estate planning specialist, rather than one who is not skilled in this field. When it comes to estate planning people make mistakes such as thinking they don’t need a plan because they don’t have enough money or assets. Other common problems include using do-it yourself wills, not communicating – or over communicating – your plans with family members, not updating your plan, not connecting assets to your estate plan, or even not calling an attorney because you don’t know the right one to call. Tune in to hear what Attorney King has to say about avoiding these mistakes.

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