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Special Needs & Disability Planning

Planning for disabled or special needs individuals brings a unique set of challenges. In addition to the traditional planning considerations, special needs and disability planning involves navigating a complicated set of federal and state laws and regulations. Preserving eligibility for benefits and entitlements is of paramount importance, as is establishing and maintaining the appropriate quality of care and life for the disabled or special needs individual. At Estate Preservation Law Offices, you will find expert advice given with care and compassion.

We work with disabled and special needs clients to maximize their income and assets while preserving their ability to receive applicable benefits and entitlements. We work with parents and other caregivers of special needs individuals to answer the difficult planning questions, including analyzing the amount of assets that an individual will need for his or her lifetime maintenance and establishing and maintaining the appropriate legal structures to accomplish these goals.

Our special needs and disability planning services include:

  • Drafting and administering special needs and supplemental needs trusts
  • Specialized estate plans for parents or other benefactors of disabled or special needs beneficiaries
  • Application for disability benefits including SSDI
  • Comprehensive financial analyses of disabled or special needs individuals' projected financial needs to provide planning guideline for parents or other caregivers
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
Estate Planning for Disabilites and Special Needs Worcester MA

Discovering the Challenges

Estate planning strategies for a loved one with a disabilty or special needs.

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